Former Enjin Marketing Manager Joins Redlight Finance as Marketing Advisor

Operations & Marketing Advisor

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve hired my long-time friend and one of Enjin’s top content creators as a marketing advisor for Redlight Finance.

David Schiller (Tonchu) worked with me at Enjin during some of its most exciting times. We were both dedicated and relentlessly positive, so we quickly formed a lifelong friendship.

He has been in Web3 gaming for 4 years and is also the CMO and Creative Director of Infinity Realms. As CMO of Infinity Realms he is already doing great business development work, building out Infinity Realms partnerships that will also bring more adoption to Redlight Chain. 

Through Infinity Realms, he has already secured partnerships with some exciting projects (TBA), and is in late-stage talks with multiple projects that are eager to bring their communities into the Infinity Realms player base through in-game utility for their NFTs. This will tap these previously unreachable communities from ANY blockchain directly into the Redlight ecosystem through Infinity Realms’ innovative NFT and play-and-earn mechanics, which will be powered by MyMetaverse, Redlight Chain, and Midnight Trades.

David will be helping us with content writing and editing, as well as consulting on Redlight Chain’s marketing and adoption strategy. He will continue his business development efforts through Infinity Realms, ever-focused on growing adoption of the incredible Redlight ecosystem - while at the same time lending his considerable marketing talents to our own Redlight Finance initiatives.

I’m thrilled to welcome him on board, and we’re both extremely excited to keep working together in service of the Redlight community. We are true believers in the underlying technology, because we’ve already used it to level up MyMetaverse and Infinity Realms. It’s very easy to see the future when you’ve already embraced the incredible tech Redlight has at its disposal, and we’re eager to share it with the world.

Welcome to the Redlight Revolution, Tonchu!

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