The Inner Workings of The Organization

Chief of Staff

The Inner Workings of The Organization

We are thrilled to embark on a new phase of enhanced transparency, offering you an exclusive glimpse into the inner workings of our organization following recent structural changes. Acknowledging and learning from our past mistakes is of utmost importance to us, which is why we are dedicated to outlining the concrete steps we are taking to address them. As part of this initiative, we will delve into the roles within our hierarchical structure, highlighting their direct impact on Redlight Network's operations. Furthermore, we are committed to educating both our existing ecosystem participants and those who are yet to join us about the distinctive qualities that set us apart. We firmly believe in our ability to make a significant impact and seize global dominance. We aim to communicate what truly differentiates us and why our unique attributes will propel us to succeed in unparalleled ways.

NB: This blog post will detail the inner workings of the organization and how the recent structural change positively impact the inner workings. I have only highlighted roles that were changed as the Chief Finanical Officer & the Business Consultant role remain unchanged.

The Drive for Change

At the heart of the organization lies the visionary and guiding force, Leo. His passion and expertise have shaped the company, with every product being either developed or envisioned by him. However, as we continued to experience growth, it became evident that Leo was carrying an overwhelming burden, particularly in the realm of operations. Recognizing the need for improvement, we made the conscious decision to undergo a transformative change.

Leo's Transition to Chairman

Fortunately, Leo's approachable nature facilitated a seamless transition. Leo embraced his new role as Chairman, allowing the company to benefit from his invaluable insights and experience. By stepping away from day-to-day operations, the inner workings of the company have levelled up a lot and are no longer hindered by continuously relying on Leo to execute key things and decisions. We have noticed that people had concerns about Leo 'stepping away' - this couldn't be further than the truth. Leo as Chairman position keeps him closer to what he loves doing and essentially what the business needs. Stepping him away from the day-to-day operations as Rory and I get our hands around them has freed up Leo a lot to be able to provide leadership at the very top level and have his focus on things that will truly propel us to higher highs.

Rory as Chief Executive Officer

Rory taking the Chief Executive Officer role has helped a lot. He was without a shadow of a doubt the ideal candidate for the position and I think everyone will learn to appreciate his leadership ability and style more and more as time passes and he further cements his position as the Chief Executive Officer. While his contributions may not always be apparent to the public, Rory has been instrumental in helping secure crucial business deals and has consistently served as Leo's trusted right-hand man in high-level operations.

The Chief of Staff Role

This newfound responsibility has granted me the authority and autonomy to make impactful decisions. Both the Chief Executive Officer and Chief of Staff positions hold significant importance within our organizational structure and Rory and I have forged a harmonious partnership in overseeing the intricacies of Redlight Network's operations together. 

The Dynamic Duo

Rory's assertiveness and strategic acumen perfectly complement my detail-oriented and action-driven but proactive approach. This collaborative dynamic between us has yielded exceptional results already and while this definitely has been felt internally, we are positive the effects of it will be streamlined externally as well. By combining our strengths, we have created a symbiotic synergy that propels the company forward and essentially amalgamates us into one brute force. 

Head of Technology, DadGoesCrypto

DadGoesCrypto stands as a vital asset in our company's growth trajectory. His role plays a pivotal role in overseeing Redlight's technological advancements on an operational level, maintaining direct developer access. Through extensive discussions, DadGoesCrypto and I have charted a course to very soon introduce a Technology Security Officer and a Technology Operations Officer. This strategic move reflects our escalating focus on development and the strengthening of our business partnerships.

Head of Communications, GenGen

GenGen has experienced remarkable growth under our umbrella, positioning herself as a standout performer for vast reasons. Her intricate and detailed support to the core management team and strong dedication to the community have solidified her undeniable position as a key figure in the realm of public-facing blockchain. Communications is also a department that we plan to grow and within the next three weeks, at least one individual to the Communications Department. This marks our commitment to transparency. 

Head of Business Operations, JohannFoos

JohanFoos, a recent addition to our team, has been quietly providing invaluable support behind the scenes. Since joining us, JohanFoos has played a pivotal role in propelling Redlight's advancement in internal processes such as automation and data-logging. Furthermore, JohanFoos brings a wealth of diverse business experience to the table, which undoubtedly will contribute significantly to our continued growth. This is not a department that we currently have in mind of growing as this department’s main focus, at least for the time being, is optimization and maximizing efficiency. 

Conclusion Re Structure

The recent structural change has allowed us to address operational challenges head-on and pave the way for a more efficient and productive future. Through Leo's transition to Chairman, Rory's appointment as Chief Executive Officer, and my role as Chief of Staff, we have established a formidable core leadership team focused on driving growth, fostering innovation, and meeting the needs of our valued stakeholders. As we continue to evolve, we remain committed to transparency, learning from our experiences, and consistently striving for excellence in all aspects of our business.

By establishing and recognizing dedicated departments rather than focusing only on one individual for Communications, Business Operations, and Technology, we can anticipate a promising outcome and seamless operations as we grow. As Chief of Staff, one of my main responsibilities is to foster seamless communication with the respective department heads. It is imperative that they are equipped with the necessary resources to operate efficiently, while also ensuring diligent performance monitoring throughout the organization.

So, What Makes Our Product Different?

What sets our blockchain apart from others is its unique combination of being fully gasless, layer 1 and EVM compatible. This exceptional feature provides us with a competitive advantage over every other blockchain currently in existence. By leveraging these capabilities, we are able to develop innovative products and deliver comprehensive solutions to address existing challenges within the blockchain industry as well as in the broader real-world of business. 

The absence of gas fees in our blockchain technology liberates its operational potential, enabling us to offer unrivalled levels of functionality and efficiency. Whether deployed in enterprise or public settings, our solutions embody the full range of blockchain technology benefits, making us the ideal choice for anyone realistically as our utility goes far beyond mere transaction ability.  

Five Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Enhanced Security: Blockchain technology provides a robust and immutable framework, ensuring the highest level of security for all transactions and data exchanges. By using advanced cryptographic algorithms and decentralized consensus mechanisms, blockchains mitigate the risks associated with unauthorized access, tampering, and fraud.

Transparent and Trustworthy: Through the use of scanners and everything being available to the public, blockchains ensure transparency and trust across all network participants. Every transaction is recorded and verified by multiple nodes, creating an auditable trail that enhances accountability and fosters a further element of trust among stakeholders.

Decentralization and Resilience: Our blockchain operates on a decentralized network, where data and control are distributed across numerous nodes. This decentralization mitigates the risk of a single point of failure, making the network resilient to attacks, outages, or disruptions. We go even further than this through enhanced security features which are detailed in our whitepaper. This empowers users to have direct control over their assets and reduces reliance on intermediaries.

Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings: With our gasless approach, our blockchain eliminates the burden of transaction fees, enabling seamless and cost-effective transactions. By removing intermediaries and automating processes through smart contracts, our technology streamlines operations, reduces administrative overheads and due to it being one of the fastest blockchains currently in existence, accelerates settlement times.

Immutable Record Keeping: The immutability of our blockchain technology ensures that once a transaction is recorded, it cannot be altered or tampered with. This feature is particularly valuable in industries requiring accurate and auditable records, such as healthcare, and financial services. It enhances data integrity, facilitates regulatory compliance, and provides a thoroughly transparent record of historical transactions.

In summary, our gasless, layer 1, and EVM compatible blockchain technology offers unparalleled advantages. By harnessing its capabilities, we unlock transformative solutions that transcend traditional limitations, empower businesses, and drive meaningful innovation across industries.

What are the Disadvantages of Blockchain Technology and How Are We The Solution?

Key Disadvantages

Scalability: Blockchain technology often faces scalability issues, particularly in public blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Transaction processing capacity and consensus mechanisms can lead to slow speeds and high fees, limiting its ability to handle large-scale operations efficiently.

Energy Consumption: The computational power required by blockchain networks, especially proof-of-work systems like Bitcoin, results in substantial energy consumption. This raises environmental concerns and may conflict with corporate sustainability goals.

User Experience: Interacting with blockchain applications can be daunting for non-technical users. The complexities of managing keys, understanding wallet interfaces, and dealing with transaction fees can impede corporate adoption and limit user-friendly experiences.

Key Solutions

Scalability: By eliminating gas fees, our gasless blockchain significantly enhances transaction speeds and reduces costs. This improvement streamlines corporate operations, making the blockchain more scalable and efficient for high-volume transactions and interactions, essentially being able to handle everything you throw at it with a lot less worry of the network getting overwhelmed. 

Energy Consumption: Gas fees are directly linked to miners' computational work, which contributes to high energy consumption. Our gasless blockchain as it eliminates gas, reducing the computational requirements, aligning with corporate sustainability goals and minimizing the environmental impact of blockchain technology. This makes our blockchain very eco-friendly to where we are not only offering the best solutions on the market but we are also taking care of our planet while doing so!

User Experience: Complex gas fee calculations and payments are proven to deter users and impede corporate adoption. We completely remove this barrier, simplifying user interactions and fostering a more seamless and intuitive experience. This enhances corporate usability and promotes wider adoption among employees, partners, and customers.


Finally, although the objective remains unchanged, we acknowledge the mistakes and are diligently striving to ensure utmost transparency while adhering to our NDAs, trying to find strategic ways to say a lot without saying too much. Our aim is to strike a delicate balance that satisfies all parties involved. Something which sounds a lot easier on paper than it is in reality.

Personally, I believe that Redlight Network is currently at a critical juncture. While we still heavily rely on VC funding to be able to execute in the short-term, it is an exciting time as the decisions being made are proactive and safeguard us against potential setbacks.

By diversifying Redlight Network's revenue streams beyond Web3 and redirecting our focus towards offering enterprise-level solutions opposite to just focusing on public level, we position ourselves to fully leverage the capabilities of this technology.

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