Redlight Finance Rebrands to Redlight Network


We are excited to announce that we have officially changed our name from Redlight Finance to Redlight Network

This move is a significant step towards our commitment to expanding our services beyond Decentralised Finance alone, and becoming a comprehensive network for everything related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

At our heart, Redlight has always embodied the technology world, but as we have scaled, the term finance in our brand has been potentially misleading to developers. We are still a young company, so we need to do everything we can to become as inviting as possible to developers of all shapes and sizes, including but not limited to game developers and web2/web3 builders alike. 

Our new branding represents a more professional look, which is consistent with our new name and direction. We have moved away from our previous branding, and instead opted for a sleek, more professional and modern logo that represents the trajectory we are on and the network we are in the process of building. 

Marketing Strategy

Redlights marketing strategy has undoubtedly evolved. Rather than the direct promotion of the company as we did with Redlight Finance, we are now focusing on effectively communicating the distinctive features of Redlight Chain (REDLC). This approach will allow us to convey our message with dedicated focus, creating a greater overall impact.  We have in fact created a website specifically for Redlight Chain which will be announced within the next three days.

Coinciding our new branding, we will also be announcing new utilities to better aid the coin when it comes to its value. These utilities will be built into the ecosystem and will benefit $REDLC directly. 

Our dedication to promoting our unparalleled technology has never been stronger, and we are currently engaged in discussions with reputable PR firms and forging strategic partnerships that will significantly enhance our marketing efforts. 

We are confident that our blockchain technology is the best in the industry, and we are determined to raise awareness about it worldwide, both in the Web3 space and beyond. 

These changes are necessary to take not only our company, but Redlight Chain itself to the forefront of the industry. In the coming days we will have all of our websites updated to showcase the change to Redlight Network, as well as update the logo for Redlight Chain.

Our new name, branding and utilities represent our commitment to innovation and growth and we are excited how far this new direction takes us.

We are strong believers that the path we are now undertaking reinforced by our commitment to technological innovation will benefit our users and the industry as a whole. 

Driving the gasless blockchain revolution 

We take great pride in having built a gasless layer 1 EVM compatible blockchain, and we firmly believe that we can continue to bring innovation and mass adoption to the Web3 space long into the future.

Redlight Chain is the foundation which will enable us to break down barriers that previously seemed insurmountable. It is our mission to onboard the Web2 world into the beauty that is blockchain technology, which includes everything from the gaming industry to enterprise.

By having a layer 1 blockchain that doesn't require users to stockpile coins to pay gas fees, this allows for a seamless transition into Web3, and removes one step of the educational hurdle that Web2 users previously had to experience. 

We recognize the immense responsibility that comes with our innovative technology and are humbled by the opportunity to deliver it to everyone that seeks to benefit from it. Our unwavering commitment to excellence enables us to provide cutting-edge technological solutions that cater to the needs of our current and future users. 

We remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the blockchain space, and we are confident that our technology will continue to have a positive impact on the industry for years to come.

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