The Redlight Reshuffle: Empowering the Team to Reach Peak Performance


As Redlight Finance continues to adapt and advance, the team that executes its strategy must too. When a team faces adversity, it not only tests its resilience and drive, but it motivates them to optimize their approach. 

I am very proud and grateful for the team we have, and how everyone has responded to the recent changes. Each member has advanced stoically and stepped up their game to shine in their respective roles.

Now that we have had the chance to take a step back and analyze everyone's strengths and the opportunities they have to fuel the Redlight Revolution, I am pleased to announce the following enhancements to our corporate structure:

Marketing Director: Bailey Sheraton

First of all, since Bailey (Shero) graciously embraced his move from CMO to become our dedicated Social Media Director, he has well and truly excelled past this role. Bailey has proved that he can provide much more value to the $REDLC community as Marketing Director.

Bailey’s responsibilities will include:

  • Creating Social Media Posts.
  • Writing announcement articles.
  • Creating and editing pitch decks.
  • Creating adopter case studies.
  • Building Relationships with influencers.

This is the kind of work that scales effectively, has a positive impact on marketing, business development, and our company as a whole.

VP of Communications: Kyle Brincat

Since joining Redlight, Kyle (MaltaKyle) has had the opportunity to showcase his many talents. When he started as our Community Manager, we immediately recognized his tenacity, eagerness to learn, and relationship building skills, which made us decide to step him up to Head of Business Development.

However, we all know that his talent far exceeds the managing of one-on-one relationships. We can all see he has become a cornerstone of our community, which is why we are happy to name him our VP of Communications.

Kyle’s responsibilities will include:

  • Delivering frequent announcements on company progress.
  • Building relationships with partners and handling all co-marketing initiatives.
  • Creating and editing pitch decks for partnership building.
  • Handling PR: Creating and pitching press releases.

This will give Kyle the opportunity to communicate more freely with the community and leverage his position to approach partners from a collaborative marketing perspective.

Technology Operations Manager: DadGoesCrypto

Albeit a recent change from DadGoesCrypto becoming our Community Manager, he has always been an integral part of our development processes and testing. 

I’m a firm believer that if anyone excels in any part of a business, they should be able to apply a dedicated focus to this area. Development is an especially impactful department where DadGoesCrypto already lends his talents. 

This is exactly why DadGoesCrypto is stepping up to officially become our Technology Operations Manager. He has been assisting in the testing and troubleshooting of our products for the better part of 6 months, and has been indispensable in getting the Rebate Program moving in the right direction. 

With our in-house developments constantly progressing, as well as integrating both current and new partnerships into our ecosystem, this position will give DadGoesCrypto the opportunity to further optimize our project management and frequently communicate development progress with the community.

Community Director: Gen

With DadGoesCrypto leaving a void in our Community Manager position, I can think of no better person than our very own Gen (GenGen) to fill the gap. 

Gen has always been brilliant at communicating with you, the community, on both Discord and Telegram. Being involved with the community day in and day out, rain or shine is no mean feat, and Gen has exceeded my expectations at this ever since she joined our team as a Moderator. 

I am elated to announce that Gen will now become our Community Director and continue to operate as a bridging voice between the Redlight team and the community. I am positive that this will ensure that even when the leadership team and myself are busy, Gen will continue to communicate our wins and hear your concerns alike.

We know we can trust that Gen will be able to address everything in an appropriate and professional manner. 

What’s Next?

We have always been a team that excels on the fact that we are able to contribute to any and all parts of the Redlight Ecosystem, however, these structural improvements will help each member play to his or her strengths and focus on work that has a larger impact on the overall company trajectory.

As we continue to turn the tide and move forward with our new company directive, we will be looking to expand the team, as required, to ensure every part of our operation reaches peak performance and productivity.

Please congratulate Bailey, Kyle, DadGoesCrypto, and Gen for their achievements so far, and their tireless efforts, which have propelled them to these new heights. 

Together, we are laser-focussed on becoming a household name in the Web3 space. 

We know how to get there, now it’s time to execute relentlessly.

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