$REDLC is now trading on MEXC


We’re pleased to announce that Redlight Chain ($REDLC) is officially trading live on MEXC.

As the governance coin for our truly gasless blockchain, the ongoing support for REDLC will will help us provide more liquidity to our community, easier access to our tools, and more exposure to the Redlight ecosystem.

MEXC is currently the 19th Centralised Exchange (CEX) on CoinMarketCap with over 2 Million weekly visitors. With a current daily trading volume of over $400 Million, we are thrilled to have our Coin listed to help us gain more exposure in the wider cryptocurrency world. 

Redlight Chain was also fortunate to be part of MEXC’s Kickstarter Program. MEXC traders have contributed $61,842,921 worth of MX to vote for $REDLC to be listed on MEXC, which just goes to show the traction our ecosystem is gaining on their platform.

MEXC is now the fifth centralised exchange we have listed on and as we continue to execute the next chapter of our mission, and bring the Redlight 

Click here to trade $REDLC on MEXC.

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