Moving Redlight Finance Towards Mainstream Success

Operations & Marketing Advisor

It’s with a deep sense of responsibility that I’m choosing to work with the Redlight team at this important time in their history.

It’s always been my belief that, as custodians of this burgeoning new industry, it is our responsibility to make blockchain palatable for mainstream audiences by making great products that anyone and everyone can love.

Redlight Chain is the product that brought me into the ecosystem in January this year, because I know from experience that mainstream gamers will never tolerate gas fees.

Web2 games and social platforms succeed by providing instant gratification to users. People do something, they get an instant emotional reward that keeps them engaged. Breaking a user’s immersion in a game or app by forcing them to pull out their wallet, spend some money (gas), then wait 30 seconds for a reward will simply never work. Redlight Chain fixes this.

Over the past two months I have also gotten to know Leo, Joe, and Rory very well. I admired their experience as entrepreneurs and I found them to be dedicated and upstanding businessmen. This is ultimately what made me want to help Redlight rise up as a team and as a community.

To be clear, I’ve elected not to take any kind of salary or payment for my work with Redlight, instead I’ve asked that I be rewarded in due time for any tangible growth I help bring to the ecosystem. We still haven’t discussed actual figures because it’s simply not a priority for me.

I’m not going to bore you with my history or experience, but if you want to find out more about what I’ve achieved, please feel free to peruse some articles and videos.

Restructuring the Marketing Team

We are going through a complete revamp of the marketing team and its processes.

From now on we’ll aim to communicate with the same clarity and professionalism that you would expect from any Fortune 500 company. I’m not saying we’ll be perfect instantly - but as long as I’m here, we will never stop levelling up.

I’m fortunate to have always been able to maintain great relationships with the people I work with, so I’ve reached out to some of the best writers and PR agents that I've collaborated with at Enjin. We are building a new content creation workflow to ensure clear and detailed communications and amplification through publications.

We are building relationships with journalists and editors at top-tier publications. We are being transparent about the mistakes we have made – and what we are doing to rectify them. Like many of you, they understand our perspective and are waiting for things to stabilise so they can start moving forward with us. 

Once the rebate program has been successfully launched, we are also going to be doubling down on product marketing for Redlight’s most compelling pieces of technology; Redlight Chain, Dawnswap, and Midnight Trades. 

Leo is taking direct control of the Redlight dev team where he will optimise their project management workflow so they can provide us with reliable launch dates. Regular developer updates and progress reports will be provided to the community, and we will craft a roadmap that will give you a clear vision of the future of Redlight Chain.

Building up the Business Development Pipeline

We are building a new partnership pipeline, using tried and true business development practices, including a new CRM system.

Redlight Chain is a powerful piece of technology that works reliably and efficiently. I know this for a fact because we fully integrated the blockchain into MyMetaverse within a matter of days and we haven’t had to perform maintenance on it ever since. I can’t say the same for many other chains that we’ve integrated in the past.

I’m supremely confident that I can help garner significant adoption for this powerful platform.

At Enjin, we successfully built partnerships with many large companies, including Samsung, Microsoft, BMW, and Square Enix. A lot of things had to go right to secure these partnerships, and there are many things I learned along the way that can help Redlight move in an even more mainstream-friendly direction.

It just so happens that many of my learnings are directly aligned with what you as a community demand from us. We need to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and trust in tangible, concrete ways. This is in everyone’s best interest.

Optimising Operations

Operations is simply about focussing on the right work, doing it as fast as possible, and maintaining the highest standards attainable.

Achieving this comes down to three things:

  • Efficient decision making
  • Effective workflows
  • Robust quality controls

If we take the closure of the Scarlet Chains product as an example, if handled optimally, it could have been a relatively smooth process. So let’s play it out.

Efficient Decision Making

As soon as we suspected that the product was unsustainable, we should have collated data and projections to validate that theory. Once all of the facts were known and it was clear that sunsetting the product was just a matter of time, it would have been clear that it needed to be actioned as quickly as possible.

Once that decision was made, the next decision would be; “Who needs to be prioritised in the rebate process?”. That decision is easy, it’s clear that in-deficit wallets should always be the first priority. No one could ever argue against that.

Now we know that Scarlet Chains absolutely has to be closed and in-deficit wallets need to be rebated. The next step is communicating effectively with the community and ensuring that in-deficit wallets were able to start receiving their rebates at the time of announcement. That means all of the Scarlet Chains wallet data needed to be collated first, the rebate Dapp built, tested, and deployed, and ready to go live alongside the sunset of Scarlet Chains.

It’s clear to see that if the closure was handled in this way, things would have gone a lot smoother. From there, we could have started open, good-faith discussions with the other stakeholders in the ecosystem, to ensure everyone felt like the process was handled in a fair and just way.

Effective Workflows

Effective workflows within a development team is more about communication and management throughout the development process. Under Leo’s leadership, the team already excels in this area.

Our goal is always to craft clear and robust technical spec documents for our developers. These are created with three core focuses: Detailing the needs of the community, the intricacies of how that should be achieved, and the outcomes we require.

Once the developers start writing code, it’s all about supporting them, unblocking any issues they face, answering their questions in a timely manner, and inspiring them to do their best work.

Robust Quality Controls

We will be doing an audit on our QA process to ensure we adhere to best practices in big tech, including; unit testing, tracing, integration testing, automated error reporting, and A/B testing.

What’s Next?

It’s only been a few busy days since I came on board. But as you can see, we are making great strides in the right direction. As I always say, we won’t be perfect immediately, but we will never stop getting better.

The tech is incredible, the team is dedicated, and now we just need to keep pushing forward to stabilise the business and produce some epic wins. 

We truly appreciate everyone who is pushing forward alongside us and we will never stop trying to show our appreciation.

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