Locking $REDLC Into NFTs

VP of Communications

Increasing Demand for $REDLC By Locking it into NFTs

We are happy to announce our third form of $REDLC utility. This builds on news that we have further expanded Midnight Trades to support the ERC-1155 token standard, which is the most popular gaming standard in the world, created by Enjin.

Next, we are building a mechanic that makes it possible to lock $REDLC inside NFTs minted on Midnight Trades. This $REDLC utility enhancement offers a new level of value to players and game developers joining our ecosystem and supercharges the demand for $REDLC.

Game Changing $REDLC Utility

As part of the partnership agreement stage between Redlight Chain and our adopters, we will thoroughly explain the benefits of purchasing a specified amount of $REDLC to lock them within their NFTs utilizing this innovative new system. 

This innovative strategy will significantly boost the total locked value of $REDLC and attract more users to the Redlight Chain ecosystem to gain $REDLC-backed NFTs. Our discussions with current and prospective developers building on Redlight Chain have shown that this adoption strategy is very appealing and there is significant enthusiasm to implement it and contribute to the growth of Redlight Chain. 

Moreover, this adoption initiative is incredibly advantageous for both current and future $REDLC holders. By continuously taking $REDLC out of circulation, the supply of $REDLC will decrease, leading to an increase in its value. 

As a result, this adoption strategy will benefit you on a personal level as much as it does Redlight Chain. 

Why Would Developers Adopt It?

Backing $REDLC through NFTs provides developers with a host of significant benefits including: 

1. Priority listings on Midnight Trades

2. Participation in a leaderboard showcasing the top $REDLC-backed projects

3. Priority in co-marketing activities such as articles, videos, PR support, VC support and technical support

4. Potential trips to events with the Redlight core team. 

5. Offering their users more valuable NFTs that are backed with real value.

6. Curbing NFT inflation by backing them with a provably scarce resource ($REDLC).

By choosing to back $REDLC through NFTs, developers can take advantage of these exclusive opportunities and maximize their exposure and success within the Redlight Chain ecosystem.

The Biggest Form of $REDLC Utility is Yet to Come

This initiative is just one of many upcoming utilities for $REDLC which will ultimately position it as one of the most versatile coins within the entire Web3 ecosystem. 

Each new utility is designed to provide direct benefits to $REDLC, ensuring continued but most importantly sustainable growth. 

By leveraging our cutting-edge technology, we are confident that we can maintain our trajectory of success when it comes to innovation and deliver long-term value to everyone involved.

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