Infinity Realms Joins the Redlight Ecosystem


At Redlight Finance, we have been committed to making prudent, value-based investments into great intellectual properties that can add major volume and utility directly to Redlight Chain. Simultaneously, these investments bolster the value of our entire ecosystem and help showcase the true power of what we’ve been building here.

With the investments we have already made into some choice projects, we have already secured enough avenues to scalable, sustainable revenue - and multiple new ways to propel us to new heights as a company and as a community. Therefore, this investment strategy is now on hold until the Scarlet Chains Rebate Program has been successfully completed.

No further equity investments will be made until all in-deficit wallets have been made whole.

Among other things, the strategy was designed to bring top-line momentum to the REDLC community, while at the same time ensuring bottom-line stability in its corporate infrastructure. Both of these metrics bring direct value, funding, and revenue into the Redlight ecosystem, benefiting everyone in the community.

The key to executing the strategy was finding de-risked, early stage investments that are clearly able to advance and grow rapidly with the help of the right support network. Our support network.

Infinity Realms (Open Alpha)

To that end, we are happy to share that we have acquired a 19% stake in the world’s most innovative Web3 MMORPG for $165,000.

Infinity Realms is already in open alpha, which means it’s free to download and play now.

The MMO already boasts an 11.8% 2-month player retention rate, which is 3x higher than industry standards. This is truly remarkable considering the game is still in an open alpha state, which means many of the game systems aren’t complete, there is no tutorial for onboarding new players, and the graphics are still yet to be optimised.

The game is built in Unity, and once fully optimised is designed to be accessible for both low-end and high-end systems alike. In order to support the larger playerbase unlocked by supporting a wide range of hardware, the team has tapped AWS (Amazon Web Services) in order to achieve immediate scaling of well over 1,000 players per server. This puts Infinity Realms' possible concurrent player count well in the range of traditional AAA MMOs.

All of the game’s fundamental RPG mechanics (combat, crafting, harvesting, leveling, questing, and character growth) are live and the game features the most innovative blockchain-enhanced gaming mechanics in the world, hands down. 

Cross-game play-and-earn mechanics and NFT integrations such as real estate, skins, mounts, companions, pets, and gear are already live in the game and will be launching on Redlight Chain within 1 month. 

Over time, Infinity Realms will bring a robust NFT item catalogue to life on our gasless chain, and with it will come all of the transaction volume from this growing player-controlled economy. Not only will Infinity Realms NFTs be minted on Redlight Chain - further down the development pipeline, there are plans to enable the purchasing and sale of NFTs directly in-game for $REDLC.

This MMORPG presents a unique opportunity to capture a mainstream gaming audience and onboard them into what we are building, while demonstrating that our technology offers an unmatched experience like no other. Not only that, the team at Infinity Realms is forming partnerships with external projects and tapping directly into communities from other blockchains by providing them in-game utility for their NFTs. This merges the supporters of these projects and communities directly into the Infinity Realms player base, where they are immediately and impactfully introduced to $REDLC and our greater ecosystem.

Furthermore, our fearless leader, Leo, will be joining their board of directors where he will be given the honorary position of Chairman. The team at Infinity Realms is incredibly excited to work together on a deep level and build truly powerful things by leveraging the revolutionary gasless architecture of Redlight Chain. 

The Path to a Million Players

We have provided Infinity Realms with an 11-month runway to reach a full production launch and we have performed deep due-dilligence to ensure the team can fulfil their promise.

This is potentially the most exciting yet-achievable roadmap in the GameFi space and we’re proud to deeply contribute to the incredible product they are building.

What’s Next

Following the successful conclusion of our Scarlet Chains Rebate Program, we will continue to invest in gaming studios and tech companies when it makes sense to REDLC’s top line and the company’s bottom line. Although, oftentimes we will only need to provide companies with our high-value support network and user-friendly blockchain infrastructure. This is more than enough to motivate adoption of Redlight Chain.

The mainstream gaming industry is undoubtedly drifting towards the Web3 space, as can be seen by Unity, the biggest game engine in the world, opening its arms to 13 Web3 projects in the last week. 

Mark our words, GameFi will be the catalyst for mass adoption of blockchain, crypto, and REDLC. We have uniquely positioned ourselves to be at the forefront of what is clearly the future of gaming and beyond. Our strategy has already proven to be effective - now we will keep executing relentlessly as we show the world what innovations can be achieved with the most robust gasless blockchain ecosystem in existence.

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